"Monke Must Make"
- Ink Monke

Inkblotistan is home to a growing community of Monkes.  They've built a settlement with sticks, rubble and the junk of a forgotten old city.  At the top of this hill of ruins is a dome, a sanctuary for Monke-kind.

Early Inkblotistan, watercolor on paper

Some Monkes study old scrolls in the dome, while others paint new ones.  Every Monke has a role; there are gardeners, builders, foragers, scribes, merchants and miners. 

A vast forest surrounds the settlement.  Some Monkes choose to camp in the wilderness where they collect blot berries and sticks.

The Monkes of Inkblotistan are mostly peaceful.  They must maintain a certain level of cozyness to get along and keep their chaotic tendencies in check.

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"Cozy the chaos"
- Ze Monke

The Founding of Inkblotistan

Ink Monke walked the great forest until he no longer remembered life he left behind. One day he came upon a hill in a clearing, an inspiring sight. 

At the top of the hill protruded the domed roof of an old structure.  Ink Monke took shelter there. The hill was mostly rubble and wild blot berry vines.  He gathered fruit. He gathered sticks. He walked around the dome collecting junk. There were caves that went into the hill and much to explore.  Ink Monke planted a garden with seeds he had collected. He painted a monke face on the dome using blot berry pulp. The hill was his home, but Ink Monke was alone.

“Monke must make” he said to himself, for this is the way of Monke.  He tended to his plants and sorted junk.  He explored the ruins beneath the dome and found piles of useful materials. 

"I am a grateful monke. All that I need is here if I work for it."
 - Ink Monke

One day a group of monkes came upon the hill. “Hello, what is this place?” they asked Ink Monke, to which he replied “Welcome to Inkblotistan”.

"Here is a place I can build a good and purposeful life." - Frenwood Monke