Attributes of the Monkes of Inkblotistan

Monkes have several defining attributes, names, roles and back stories.   Here we will explain cozy and chaos levels, as well as the five regions within Inkblotistan that Monkes call home.

Cozy and Chaos:
It is the nature of all Monkes to have a certain degree of cozy and chaos. High cozy is kind and considerate, warm and pleasant to be around.  Low cozy Monkes will prefer to keep to themselves, can be moody and generally unpleasant.  Low chaos is order, routine and general calmness of being.  High chaos is unpredictable, playful and messy. Some wild Monkes have zero cozy and ultra chaos, you wouldn't want to meet one them, their condition is unbalanced and contagious.


Regions of Inkblotistan:
Inkblotistan can be described by five main regions, the Dome, the Gardens, Monke Street, the Caves and the Forest.  Each Monke has a role and a purpose that they have chosen based on the needs of their community.  Together they build, grow and enjoy a creative and fruitful life.

Monkes of the Dome:
These monkes are scribes and painters, one is a wizard.  They spend their days making scrolls and painting everything from portraits to signs. Together they live and work around the Dome at the top of the hill. These wize monkes pursue beauty and knowledge.  They chronicle the stories of Inkblotistan.

Monkes of the Gardens:
A garden bed to sleep in and unlimited snacks.  It’s a great arrangement for these green-thumbed monkes.  Gardners and helpers, providers of food for a growing community.  They honor their plants with order and care.

Monkes of Monke Street: 
Monke Street is a circular road that winds around Inkblotistan.  This is where monkes gather to trade their goods.  You’ll find all sorts of shops, some merchants and helpers hanging out.  

Monkes of the Caves: 
Within the hill are the ruins of an old city.  There are many caves and chambers, a lost civilization and their piles of stuff.  Miners collect the most useful junk and bring it to the surface to be repurposed.

Monkes of the Forest: 
Surrounding the settlement is a vast forest.   There are monkes who camp in the wilderness where they gather blot berries and sticks.  For forest monkes there’s no place they’d rather be than by a campfire with their tribe.

Forest Camp. Oakfren is warming up by the fire. Monctavious picks blot berries as Leroy roasts banan. This is a typical scene in the forest camp of Inkblotistan.